Friday, June 10, 2011

Antiys Books

seems like back in the day only women were allowed to cook certain things

Back in the day happy happy people

more antis

we need chairs for the floaters
good ole glass


this was an old radio.
this makes me feel old because i had this when i was a kid
wicker lamp


MMM bath flavor

so this was a slush flavor at the max store, my friend found it funny because he is was vistiing from japan and this fruit isnt drunken or eaten its mostly used in bath water


Spring time around april, a few years ago the river flooded in the city and now its all beach this isnt the river its the creek in downtown area

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bistcits not cookies

Brithday boy

he turned 11 on july 28th 2010

In the brush

Dog park

I just love taking pictures of the Dog park when im on a walk with my dog

Nice breath of leaves


Ok was at the lake near my city with my mom and it was sept or so and this dude was walking in the water, we guessed he was looking for change with metal detector

Ultra Retro

Ok this was at a yard sale in my city during the summer, it was a super old laptop, they wanted 20bucks for it lol almost bought it but i was biking and it was a heavy sum bitch